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Re: [ferret_users] several things

Have you looked at your plots using the FILL command instead of SHADE?

See the LABEL command which lets you put a label anywhere on the plot, using either user-coordinates (longitude and height) or page coordinates, which are "inches" relative to the plot surface.

There are a number of color scales available, look at "palette" in the documentation. Ferret includes many pre-defined palettes, and you can create your own customized palettes. There are several FAQ's about color palettes; look in the "Custom Plots" section of the FAQ's.

There are limited things within Ferret to do about changing the background color. You can change the background color to black, "go black". There are various tricks to making a background color, and we could talk about that more in another message, but your easiest solution right now might be to use a post-processing image software to change white to another color.

I'm not entirely sure what you want to do differently about the coordinates. You are using the curvilinear form of the SHADE command. Is your data on a truly curvilinear grid? That is, does the variable xlong vary in the y direction, or is it only a function of longitude? If it's only a function of longitude and height is only a function of height then you could define coordinate axes from those coordinate variables.

   yes? define axis/x/units=degrees_east xaxis = xlong[j=1]
   yes? define axis/y/units="`height,return=units`" yaxis = height[i=1]
yes? let/units="your definition of the units" cloudvar = 1000*qcloud[x=xaxis@asn,y=yaxis@asn]

On 7/22/2011 2:51 AM, Carlos Román Cascón wrote:

I would like to "smooth" the attached image (the qcloud output), in
order not to see the "lines" separating points of the grid in vertical
levels and horizontal resolution. I don't know if it's possible with

I would also like to put a name of a place ("Investigation centre") in a
concrete point of the surface in the graphic and change the colour of
the surface (the white part). I would also like to specify the colour of
the colorbar, for example, I want the surface (now white) in brown and
the 0-0.5 part (pink part) in clear blue or white...

I don't know how to handle the axis in coordenates instead of grid
points in Ferret. I think I have to use a post-processing tool of WRF to
do it, but I don't know which one I should use.

This is the code I use.

use 15julio.nc
set region /i=0:120/j=60
let height=(PH+PHB)/9.81
REPEAT/l=1:40 (shade /vlim=670:1400/lev="(0,1,0.05)" qcloud*1000, xlong,
height; plot /nolab /over /line /vs xlong,hgt/1000;

There are a lot of question, but you always solve my doubts. Thank you
very much in advance

Carlos Román Cascón

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