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Re: [ferret_users] a paletter with only red (pink) and blue and white centered


| My last question,do we have to put our "pallette.spk"
| in the library of ferret or just in the samplace with
| the *jnl file.

That depends on your "environment".  Examine your Ferret-related
environmental variables by typing

   env | grep FER_

You will typically see something like this

$ env | grep FER_
FER_GO=. /usr/local/ferret/go /usr/local/ferret/examples /usr/local/ferret/contrib /home/furue/lib/ferret
FER_GRIDS=. /usr/local/ferret/fer_dsets/grids
FER_PALETTE=. /usr/local/ferret/ppl /home/furue/lib/ferret
FER_DATA=. /usr/local/ferret/fer_dsets/data /usr/local/ferret/go /usr/local/ferret/examples /usr/local/ferret/contrib /data/ncep
FER_DESCR=. /usr/local/ferret/fer_dsets/descr
FER_WEB_BROWSER=netscape -ncols 60

Look at FER_PALETTE .  It lists the directories Ferret searches for
palette files.  The dot "." means the current working directory.
For convenience, I've added my ferret directory /home/furue/lib/ferret
to it and put my palette files and ferret scripts into it.


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