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[ferret_users] new beginner to plot bathymetry file in ASCII

Dear ferret_users,

I am a beginner of ferret, and trying to using it for my model input and output file in ASCII.
Hope someone can give some help for my basic question.
Thanks in advance.

I have bathymetry data in 186x160 grids, for example like this:
     0.000         0.000         .....       124.234        34.796         0.000         0.000         0.000         0.000         0.000
     0.000         0.000         .....       19.129         0.000         0.000         0.000         0.000         0.000         0.000

Firstly, I put the bathymetry data in folder ..\TMAP\fer_dsets\data\bathy_input.btm, as I read from Ferret Users'mail archive that we can not read from our work directory (please correct me if it's wrong).
After that, I use this following command to identify the x and y limit, so I hope I can continue to plot the bathymetry:
yes? define axis/x=114.3389435E:115.1776276E:0.00453/unit=degree longitude
yes? define axis/y=8.0546379S:8.7746868S:0.00453/unit=degree latitude
yes? file/grid=bathymetry/var="ps" bathy_input.btm
yes? plot bathymetry

I know that the command is not correct, because of my limitation in using ferret, so I haven't successful to make it.

Thank you for any help and suggestion.

Sincerely yours,

(Special thanks to Ansley who suggest me to send this message to this email address)

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