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[ferret_users] current path length

Dear Ferreters,

I've come across a question which is simple in theory but in practice I'm having a little trouble. So I'm wondering if anyone else has found a solution. 

What I would like to do is calculate the path length of an ocean current. To define the path of the current I pick a particular sea surface height contour, now I would like to be able to calculate the length of that contour. I've been trying to use @loc or @weq to select the points at which SSH reaches the value that I've chosen but they only find the first instance along a given latitude or longitude so they miss parts where the current meanders (and also sometimes pick up eddies). Is there a way to use @loc or @weq to find every instance of a particular value? Or has someone got a better solution? 


Leela Frankcombe
Post-doctoral researcher
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht
Utrecht University
The Netherlands

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