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Re: [ferret_users] Defined colours, appear grey in ".ps files"

Hi Joshua,
Thank you for the example.  When I try your script with the current Ferret release, v6.67, it produces both postscript and gif images with the green line color that you have defined.  If you  update your Ferret installation, that will solve the problem.


On 4/20/2011 4:28 AM, Joshua DMello wrote:
Hello Ferret users,

When I plot something in a defined colour, using the command, PPL COLOR  , the ".ps file" does not show my defined colour. The ".ps file" shows only Ferret defined colours.
This problem is not seen in ".gif files."
I use FERRET v6.05 on     Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 (Ubuntu).

The journal file is pasted below, and the ".gif" figure and ".ps" figure are attached.

Thanks for any insight.

Joshua R. D'Mello

! 13-04-2011. Wednesday.




SET MODE Metafile

SET REGION/X=10E:90E/Y=-30:30N

! Defining the colours.
PPL COLOR,7,100,50,0                        ! orange
PPL COLOR,8,0,55,0                          ! dark green
PPL COLOR,9,60,0,100                          ! purple
PPL COLOR,10,100,60,70                         ! pink
PPL COLOR,11,80,70,60                        ! tan
PPL COLOR,12,100,75,0                         ! yellow

go land 13 basemap

! Plotting bathymetry
USE "/usr/local/ferret/fer_dsets/data/etopo05.cdf"
CONTOUR/Over/Level="(-100)Line(-100)PEN(-100 -100 0 3)"/Nolab rose
CONTOUR/Over/Level="(-1000)Line(-1000 -1000 0 3)PEN(-1000 -1000 0 4)"/Nolab rose

go land 13                 ! Command given for the coast to be over the isobaths.

! Labelling
label 30 -39 1 0 1 "@p2@pm5"
label 54 -39 1 0 1 "@c008@pm5"
label 30 -35 -1 0 0.11 "@p2RED appears"
label 54 -35 -1 0 0.11 "@c008DARK GREEN does not appear"

! Plotting boxed regions
GO box 65 85 -25 12 9            ! Purple colour defined by me.
GO box 25 62 -12 20 2            ! Red colour, default in ferret.

! Plotting a polygon and a dashed line over it.
! Colour below defined by me.
PLOT/vs/Over/Nolab/Line/Thick=1/Line=12 {62,75,75,62,62}, {18,-10,-25,-25,18}
! Colour below defined by ferret.
PLOT/vs/Over/Nolab/Dash/Thick=1/Line=1 {62,75,75,62,62}, {18,-10,-25,-25,18}


! Saving the files below in .ps and .gif formats respectively.
sp Fprint -o Colours_testing.ps -p portrait -l cps metafile.plt
Frame/ file=Colours_testing.gif

Visit http://www.nio.org, http://drs.nio.org, http://www.biosearch.in

Visit http://www.nio.org, http://drs.nio.org, http://www.biosearch.in

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