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[ferret_users] Announcing Ferret v6.6.7, a bug-fix release

Hi all,
There is a new release of Ferret available now, Version 6.6.7, which corrects a recently reported bug in Ferret v6.6.5.

In Ferret v6.6.5, the last official Ferret release, the multi-dimensional computation of a definite integral @DIN over X and Z, but not integrating over latitude, is incorrect. This means that the computation of quantities such as a meridional transport at a fixed latitude, will be incorrect when calculated by Ferret v6.6.5.

The calculation was done correctly in the previous release, Ferret v6.4, and is corrected in v6.6.7, which may be downloaded from the Ferret Downloads page at


The Downloads documentation is updated and the main Ferret documentation will be updated to reflect this new version number shortly.


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