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Re: [ferret_users] scattered data vector plot

There are two ways to do this.  You could do it with the script that
draws arrows using an arrow-shaped polygon.  There is an on-line demo
showing how to do this, here:

You don't have to color the vectors if you don't want to, just specify
/pal=black/nokey  and they will be drawn with a black pen, and without
the colorkey.

Or, there's a Ferret script called scattered_vectors.jnl.  To see how to
call it,

yes? go/help scattered_vectors.jnl

(The script is very old, and assumes you are reading the data from an
ascii file!  Something to put on our list to update)


Hi all,
  I am having latitude, longitude, u, v scatter data. i.e, data is not gridded. I want to do a vector plot. In simple way without interpolation just I want to post the data in vectors on the base map. How can I do that in ferret ? I am hereby attaching a sample figure that I got from net.
Waiting for reply.
Thanks in advance.

With Best regards,

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