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Re: [ferret_users] Missing values - interpolation and smoothing

Dear Dr. Hein Zelle,
I very appreciate your help. Your advices brought me straight to the goal.
Once again many acknowledgments.

I attach the picture to show the progress.

Kind regards,
Szymon Roziewski

University of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography Al. Marszalka Pilsudskiego 46

81-378 Gdynia, Poland

2011/1/18 Hein Zelle <hein.zelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear Szymon Roziewski,

> I have such a problem, namely I have data hs as an array (132,145) from
> hs.cdf file with missing value set as -999.
> Then I read those data and try to interpolate (regridding with smoothing).

Ferret seems to be doing exactly what you ask, and it is working
properly.  I think you misunderstand how the smoothing affects your
data: see below.   Your code can also be made somewhat simpler.

> use hs.cdf

If you then try a

yes?  shade hs

you'll see that the HS variable is already properly defined, and the
missing data is correctly set: you only see data over water, nothing
is plotted over land.  You don't need to do anything further with the
missing data flag.

> DEFINE AXIS/X=-5.666666667:5.25:0.010416667 xfine
> DEFINE AXIS/Y=-2.0:10.0:0.010416667 yfine
> DEFINE GRID/x=xfine/y=yfine fine_grid

That part is fine.

> let/bad=-999 var_hs=hs[i=1:132,j=1:145,k=0,l=1]
> let/bad=-999 fine_hs=var_hs[gxy=fine_grid]
> LET/bad=-999 ubox_hs=fine_hs[x=@SBX:19,y=@SBX:19]
> LET/bad=-999 utaper_hs=ubox_hs[x=@SHN:13,y=@SHN:13]

Leave out all the /bad statements above: they're not needed.  You
don't need to specify the indices to var_hs if you want "everything".
In your case you can leave out var_hs completely.

> let fine_hs=hs[gxy=fine_grid]
> LET ubox_hs=fine_hs[x=@SBX:19,y=@SBX:19]
> LET utaper_hs=ubox_hs[x=@SHN:13,y=@SHN:13]

Try making plots of each individual variable:

> shade var_hs
> shade fine_hs
> shade ubox_hs
> shade utaper_hs

you'll see that fine_hs looks pretty good: ferret has interpolated
your coarse data to a finer grid.  it's already quite smooth there.

Note that the fine data does NOT cover exactly the same data as the
original: at the edges you loose some data.  This is because Ferret
refuses to extrapolate: beyond the center of the last coarse grid
point, you will not see any data.

The same thing happens with ubox_hs: because @sbx needs 19 data points
to average, it will drop the outer 9 points of your sea data: at those
points there are no valid 19 surrounding data points.

The same thing happens again with utaper_hs: the @shn smoother will
discard another 6 points of data on the edges of the sea.
Alltogether, you loose a LARGE edge of data along the boundaries this


1)  only use 1 smoother at all times, and try to keep the amount of
grid points small.  Do you need smoothing at all?  fine_hs looks quite
neat to me.

2)  use a gaussian weight function to go directly from your coarse
grid (hs) to the fine grid with smoothing/averaging.

The function is called scat2gridgauss_xy, documentation is here:

Look for section Chapter 3, 2.3.37 SCAT2GRIDGAUSS_XY

In your case, do something like this:

> let xpts = xsequence(0*hs+x[g=hs])
> let ypts = xsequence(0*hs+y[g=hs])
> let datapts = xsequence(hs)
> let xscale=0.1
> let yscale=0.1
> let cutoff=3
> let hs_smooth = scat2gridgauss_xy(xpts,ypts,datapts,x[g=fine_grid],y[g=fine_grid],xscale,yscale,cutoff,0)
> shade hs_smooth

You'll see that hs_smooth "invents" data around the edges: the
gaussian bell extends beyond your original data.  You can remove that
extra data with a "sea mask", I'll use your fine_hs here:

> let hs_smooth_masked = if (fine_hs) then hs_smooth
> shade hs_smooth_masked

Play with xscale, yscale and cutoff to achieve more or less smoothing.
Try xscale=0.5 and yscale=0.5 to see the difference.  If plotting
takes very long, try reducing the density of your fine grid a bit.

Kind regards,
    Hein Zelle


Dr. Hein Zelle
Advisor Meteorology & Oceanography

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Email:  hein.zelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Z wyrazami szacunku,
Szymon Roziewski

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