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Re: [ferret_users] plot thickness

Steeven Paul Yerraguntla wrote:

> Dear ferreters,
>          I wanted to thicken the plot using "ppl pen 0,7". This is not
> effective in combination with the mode GRATICULE or plot/grat option. But i
> need plot thickening as well as graticule. Jnl file and Figure as follows.
> Hope somebody will repond, who overcame this problem.  Thanks in advance.

I am not sure if there is a good solution here, apart from manually
drawing graticules.  That's what I end up doing.

See the attached picture: it's generated roughly like this:

! make the fill plot using curvilinear coordinates
fill /set_up /nolabel /levels="(...)" tsurf, x_page, y_page

     ! medium thickness lines for all frame and tick lines
     ppl pen 0,7
     ppl pen 1,7

ppl fill

! now overlay the graticule using a modified version of mp_graticule.jnl
repeat /x=.... (plot /overlay /thick=1 ...)
repeat /y=.... (plot /overlay /thick=1 ...)

! overlay coastlines
plot /vs/overlay/thick=1/color=black  ...

Another nice trick is to modify the line color for the graticules: if
you make them gray they appear thinner.

! change the color of pen number 6
PPL COLOR,6,60,60,60   !   light gray
plot /overlay /pen=6 ...

It's quite some work to do a plot that way, but I find that with a
couple of ferret scripts I can easily repeat the effort for many
plots.  The output quality is hard to beat, and it will always be a
lot of work to fine-tune plots no matter what you do.

Hope that helps!
Kind regards,

     Hein Zelle


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