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Re: [ferret_users] high resolution coast line

Hi Changshui,
There's a Ferret FAQ about coastlines,
Where can I get detailed coastlines and political borders to overlay on my plots?

which talks about one source for coastline data, but you can use data from any source. What you need to do is replace any breaks in the line with two recognizable flags, such as the default missing-value -1.e34.  Then read the ascii data into Ferret as shown in the FAQ and write it as a netCDF file.

Now you'll need to make your own script which you will call instead of "go land" or "go land_detail"

>Fgo land.jnl

shows you where it is; copy that script to a new name, and reaplace the dataset that it opens with your customized land dataset.


On 12/16/2010 5:58 AM, Changshui Xia wrote:
Dear Ferreters,
  I have high resolution coast line store in an ASCII file coast_line.bln, the format is for Goldensotware Surfer (http://www.goldensoftware.com/products/surfer/surfer.shtml), it contains the longitude and latitude of the coast line points,for example:
122 35
123 34
122  35
121 35
122 34
123  35
121 35
3 &4 is the number of points of the part of coast line
I want to know is there any easy way to use the ASCII file coast_line.bln in Ferret replace the default coarse coastline?
Thank you in advance.

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