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Re: [ferret_users] N/A

Dear Simi,

|      since the default tic label given by ferret is very small. what
| is other options available to change the font of tic label.

I strongly recommend searching the mailing-list archive of Ferret.

Go to the Ferret homepage and click on "email users group" and 
then on "Search the Archives".  Then you will be in


Search the archive with keywords such as "label size" (without
quotation symbols).  Then, you'll find past postings, such as


which happens to answer (part of) your question.

Those "PPL" commands should be placed between the "set-up" command
and the plotting command, in such a way as

  FILL/ . . . /SET  somevariable
    ppl . . .
    ppl . . .

Hope this helps,

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