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Re: [ferret_users] Searching for local maxima with a running time window. Recursion workarounds

Hi All,

After insightful discussions with Ansley and Steve (Thank you!) I realized that my problem is a special case of computing a running maximum and the solution is reasonably simple using one loop and writing the results to an ascii file. A jnl file is attached to illustrate the type of computation I was searching and the solution.


! this script illustrates how to compute
! a running maximum over a time window of length *dl*
! *msk* and *wmsk* variables are defined for illustration purposes only

let fun = 10*sin(2*4*atan(1)*l/50)

let lmax = 100
set reg/l=1:`lmax`

let ll = l[g=fun]
let dl = 25

plot/vlim=-12:22 fun

sp \rm running_max.dat
repeat/range=1:`lmax-dl`/name=li (\
 let msk  = if ll eq `li` then 1;\
 let wmsk = if ll ge `li` and ll le `li+dl` then 1;\
 let dif2li = fun-fun[l=`li`];\
 let dif2li_max_in_dl = dif2li[l=`li`:`li+dl`@max];\
 plot/ov/nolab/lin/col=black fun;\
 plot/ov/nolab/lin/col=green fun*wmsk;\
 plot/ov/nolab/sym=1/col=red dif2li_max_in_dl+0*dif2li*msk;\
 save/file=running_max.dat/app/nohead/format=(E15.7) dif2li_max_in_dl;\

canc viewp 

plot/vlim=-12:22 fun

file/var=max_in_next_dl/grid=fun running_max.dat

plot/ov/col=red max_in_next_dl

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