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RE: [ferret_users] convert GIFs to movie

Hi Ryo,

I use QuickTime Pro (in my case on Windows).

Best Regards,
Toru Miyama

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Subject: [ferret_users] convert GIFs to movie

Hi Ferret users,

This is not a Ferret question, but I guess there are many Ferret
users who can help or who may be interested in this discussion.

Basically I need to generate a movie from a time series.  Normally,
I generate a set of GIF files with Ferret and use "ffmpeg" or
the "convert" command (from ImageMagick).

The problem I'm facing now is that such movies cannot be played
correctly by VLC (a movie player) on Windowns, which my colleague
has to use.  On VLC, the color is off (looks weird).

So, basically, I'd like to hear what methods/tools other people
are using.  I'd like to try them and test the results on VLC.

Or, if anybody knows how to fix VLC, it would be wonderful.

Other things I tried were

- Use a Windows version of ffmpeg. --> Same result (bad color).
- Use "Open Video Converter" --> Produces a perfect video,
    but cannot handle large input data.
- Use "Fx GIF Converter" --> Produces a video that plays
    correctly on VLC, but the image quality is very low and
    there are no parameters or switches to adjust.

Things I haven't tried are

- Explore parameters of ffmpeg.  There are simply too many
  parameter combinations, so that a trial-and-error method
  isn't practical.  If somebody could suggest a parameter
  combination, I'd appreciate it very much.

- Explore mencoder.  Same reason as the above.  I'd appreciate
  suggestions of command-line parameters to give to mencoder.


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