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[ferret_users] fill between


I am trying to fill between two curves.
I plot an index and would like to fill the index whenever the index is larger than its one standard deviation.
I try the following:

!--------start script--------------------
set mode verify
sp rm -f ferret.jnl
sp rm -f metafile*.*
cancel mode logo
cancel mode journal
go portrait
set mode meta
use dmi.nc
show data

set mem/size=400
define axis/t="1-Jan-1997":"6-Jan-2010":7/units=days tweek
let dmi1  = dmi[t=@shn:5]
let east1 = east[t=@shn:5]
let west1 = west[t=@shn:5]

let std = (dmi1[t=1-jan-1999:31-dec-2008@var]*523/(523-1))^0.5
let a = if(dmi1[gt=tweek] gt std) then 1*dmi1[gt=tweek] else 0
plot/set/nolabels/line=7/t=1-Jan-2006:31-Dec-2008 dmi1
ppl txlint 2,1
ppl axnmtc,0,0
ppl axlint,3,1
ppl txlsze 0.14,0.14
ppl axlsze 0.13,0.13
ppl plot

go fill_between poly/over/nolab/pal=red a tweek std 

!--------end script----------------

But I got a strange result. The fill_between.jnl also fill the curve below its one standard deviation. I attach the data and the result I got.

Hope someone can help.
Thank you in advance.


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