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Re: [ferret_users] Magnitude of vector plots

As in many such commands with /NOLABEL, you need to use /SET and specify the labelling by hand. For example:

vector/set/nolab uwind,vwind
ppl veckey,xpos,ypos,,(f4.1," m s^-^1")
ppl vector

Note the PPL VECKEY command.
(xpos,ypos) is the (user-units) location of the label.
The 3rd argument is always blank.
The 4th argument allows you to specify the format of the numerical label, and also add label text, as shown. Note that there is a character limit on the label, which I think is 11 characters (including the numerical label).

Another useful command gives the size of text for the label:

ppl labset,main,xlab,ylab,default-labels

where default-labels will be the character height of all labels otherwise unspecified, including the vector key label.
This command would go between VECTOR/SET/... and PPL VECTOR.
In your case you might do:

ppl labset,,,,.15

You could also do this as an overlay (for example to a map of pressure, bathymetry, etc:

vector/set/nolab/over uwind,vwind
... other commands as above ...
ppl vector/over

Billy K

On 24 Aug 2010, at 9:48 AM, Balaguru, Karthik wrote:

 Dear ferret users,

I have a small question with plotting vector plots. If I have uwind,vwind and use the command

vector uwind,vwind

I'm able to plot the vectors but the expressions are displayed below. However, if I use

vector/nolabel uwind,vwind

then even the magnitude indicating vector goes away along with the names of the expressions. I would like to keep the magnitude indicating vector and just take out the names of the expressions.
It'll be great if anyone can show how to do this. Thanks!


William S. Kessler
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Seattle WA 98115 USA

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