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Re: [ferret_users] Magnitude of vector plots

 Hi Karthik,
Yes, we had run into this problem too.  The next version of Ferret has a new qualifier on the VECTOR command,  /KEY, which puts the key on the plot even if /NOLABELS is given.

However /NOLABELS removes all the labels, and you might want some of them, for instance the ones that tell the time information. It sounds as if you really just want to remove the label at the bottom of the plot.  You can do that by setting a blank TITLE.

VECTOR/TITLE=" " uwind,vwind


On 8/24/2010 9:48 AM, Balaguru, Karthik wrote:

   Dear ferret users,

        I have a small question with plotting vector plots. If I have uwind,vwind and use the command

  vector uwind,vwind

        I'm able to plot the vectors but the expressions are displayed below. However, if I use

  vector/nolabel uwind,vwind

         then even the magnitude indicating vector goes away along with the names of the expressions.
  I would like to keep the magnitude indicating vector and just take out the names of the expressions.
  It'll be great if anyone can show how to do this. Thanks!


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