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Re: [ferret_users] ferret installation problem

Anastasia Yanchilina wrote:
I am new to ferret and am having trouble installing it. For those who are familiar with the installation process, my questions are as follows: My questions are as follows: (1) When I reach the step of the installation process after following the protocol and am trying to call ferret, I always get an error saying, 'no command found.' What am I doing wrong? (2) The error I get when I try to run ferret directly is that fer_dir variable is not defined as I would with 'source your_system_path/ferret_paths' and when I try to run that, I get a syntax error at line 89. Please let me know how I can install ferret correctly.


Somehow the ferret executable is not on your PATH.
Your "ferret_paths" script may be missing something.
However, it looks like you know where your ferret was installed,
since you say you "run ferret directly".

Did you run the Ferret "Finstall" script to build the "ferret_paths" script?
Did you give it the right FER_DIR path (where you installed ferret)?

It may help if you send your ferret_paths script and tell where you
installed ferret.
Also, which shell are you using: bash/sh or tcsh/sh?

Gus Correa

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