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Re: [ferret_users] palette gallery

Hi Ryo,
Thank you!  The script try_palette.jnl which is included with the Ferret distribution, makes images similar to the ones you show.  For instance

   yes? go try_palette brown_blue

And just since we're on the topic, there are a few FAQ's about palettes,

How can I choose a good color palette for my plot?

Which of Ferret's color palettes best convey information to color-impaired viewers?

What palettes will show up well if I photocopy the output, or display it using LCD projectors, Laptop and CRT screens, and color printers?


Ryo Furue wrote:
Ferret users,

This kind of material may already exist somewhere,
but I've created a gallery of Ferret palettes for
my own use:


which might be of some help to somebody.
If anybody is interested, I can provide the page
(html plus images) or the scripts that generate it.



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