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[ferret_users] Save a netcdf file with average parameter in a time series

Hello users,

I am working to validate a forecasting model of ocean circulation, which generates 7 (seven) days of ocean forecasting, with a netcdf file by every 6 (six) hours. To do it, I have to save a file with the average of the 4 (four) time steps of the parameter in a day of forecast, i.e: I have 4 files of forecasting by each day, so, I have to create a file with a time series which contains the averages of each day, like L = 1 - first day average, L = 2 - second day average. So, I created a multi-cdf file with all the forecasting files in a unique time serie, now, I do not know how could I solve this problem. I can create a variable for each day, but cannot synthesize them in a single file.

Igor Aboim
Graduando em Oceanografia / Undergraduate student in Oceanography
Centro Acadêmico de Oceanografia Salvador - Secretaria de Assuntos
Universidade Federal da Bahia

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