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Re: [ferret_users] thick=n for contour

Hi Ryo,
This idea is already on our (long) list of desired improvements, and I've added the idea of adding a /DASH qualifier similar to we already have for PLOT. We have some upcoming Ferret work planned where we might be able to fit this in. It is a goal to make command-line qualifiers for plot controls, replacing the need for PPL commands and the older-style PEN controls.


Ryo Furue wrote:
Hi Ferret users and developers,

I'm wondering if a "thick" qualifier might be a good idea
for the CONTOUR command in the future.

The PLOT command has "color" and "thick" qualifiers,
which I've found are easier to use than the traditional

  pen = colornumber + 6 * (thickness - 1).

I think we could eventually deprecate the use of
this scheme by providing the (color, thickness) parameters
everywhere.  For example, the "PEN" modifier of the "LEVEL"
qualifier could be extend to take an additional thickness
parameter: LEV=(0,10,1)PEN(3,7,1,red,3) ! thick=3.
We could even go further and include a "dashness" parameter
in the mix: (red, 3, dashdotted)


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