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[ferret_users] Reconstruct with EOF

Dear Ferreters 

I try to do the EOF analysis using ferret and save outputs like 

let  efs_sst = EOF_SPACE(ssta, 1.0)
let  eft_sst = EOF_TFUNC(ssta, 1.0)

save/file=ef_space.cdf efs_sst[l=1:3]
save/file=ef_time.cdf eft_sst[i=1:3]

My understanding is that ferret EOF output is related to the following : 
data(x,y,t) = sum_nmode[efs_sst(x,y,n)*eft_sst(t,n)]

So I reconstruct the original data (SSTA) using just first EOF mode as the following
let re_ssta = efs_sst[l=1]*eft_sst[i=1]

Looks like problem would be to time index

For testing, I plotted the reconstructed data at a certain time
contour/l=1 re_ssta 

It is saying No Valid Data. 

Any solution ?



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