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Re: [ferret_users] problem in coordinates when converting from ascii to netcdf using ferret

Hi Nuncio,
There is a default ordering of the data. Your data follows a different ordering and so you will need the /ORDER qualifier when you read this -- look up these things in the Users Guide Index:


and the examples under

   ASCII data; reading, examples


nuncio@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear users,
           I have an ascii file running from 0-360 longitude and -90 to -50 latitudes, I used the following method to to convert this in to a netcdf file in ferret

define axis/x=0:360:1/units= degrees xax1
define axis/y=-90:-50:0.25/units-degrees yax1
define axis/t=15-jan-81:15-jan-1981:1/units=months tax1
define grid/x=xax1/y=yax1/t=tax1 grdnew
file/var="xx,yy,data"/grid=grdnew test1.txt
fill data

but there is something wrong in plotting, I think the coordinates are flipped 
image and data(first column lat, second long and third data) are attached


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