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Re: [ferret_users] Error: Stack overflow

Hi -
I'm not sure what may be happening; what version of Ferret are you running?  If it is an older version it may be built with netcdf libraries that don't allow for large file sizes.

Try as an experiment, writing just the first timestep, for instance,

save/file=temp_600_monthly_raghu_9809.cdf/clobber temp[t=

If necessary, you could write the file one timestep at a time, appending to the file.

let tt = t[gt=tmonth]
let nt = `tt,return=lsize`
sp rm temp_500_monthly_raghu_9808.cdf
repeat/L=1:`nt` (save/append/file=
temp_500_monthly_raghu_9808.cdf temp[L=`L`])

(the first time through the loop you are "appending" to a file that doesn't exist; that is ok; the file will be created.)


steeven paul yerraguntla wrote:

Dear ferreters,

    I attempted to convert weekly data into monthly  data using the following jnl file.  Weekly data is of 2GB and having vartical levels 60. Please help me solve this problem.

use temp_weekly_600_9809.cdf

define axis/t=15-jan-1998:15-oct-2009:1/units=months tmonth

*** NOTE: /UNIT=MONTHS is ambiguous ... using 1/12 of 365.2425 days

let temp = temperature[gt=tmonth@ave]

save/file=temp_600_monthly_raghu_9809.cdf/clobber temp

**ERROR: stack overflow

LIST/FORMAT=CDF/file=temp_600_monthly_raghu_9809.cdf/clobber temp

Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

*** NOTE: Check for recursion in variable definitions

Steeven Paul Y
Research Fellow
NIO RC Vizag
176 Lawsons Bay Colony
Visakhapatnam - 530017

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