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Re: [ferret_users] Announcing Ferret v6.3 for the Mac

This problem is easily solved (should have been done in the install script?).

The environment variable PLOTFONTS needs to point to where the NEW fonts directory is (should have been on the tarfile).

On my system (tcsh), the command is:

setenv PLOTFONTS /full/path/to/NEW/fonts

(The old fonts were in /usr/local/ferret/ppl/fonts)

And note that if you switch back to the old Ferret, you have to reset this environment variable.


On 8 Jan 10, at 3:29 AM, Andrew Ferrone wrote:

Dear all

Thanks to Ansley and those who worked on this to provide us with the executables for MAC. I installed them on my intel mac OSX 10.6 and everything works fine when I launch ferret. I can load datasets, list the data included, even the GUI works fine.

However when I try to plot some data (with plot, shade, or fill command for example, in command line or GUI) that I get the error below (seems to be related to some file containing a font, the file exists on my system).

Has anybody had a similar problem, and if yes how did you solve it?

Thanks in advance


forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 10, file /usr/ local/ferret/ppl/fonts/fnt01.chr Image PC Routine Line Source ferret 0000000100B1582C Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100B14364 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100AEB187 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100A7DF78 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100A7D761 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100AA7E37 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 000000010008DFA4 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 000000010051347E Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100514F0B Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100152FA1 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100161572 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 00000001000CF6AA Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 000000010000257E Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100313D2C Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 0000000100001B52 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 00000001000018C1 Unknown Unknown Unknown ferret 00000001000010F4 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Hi All, At long last we have up-to-date executables for you! Because of the contributions of Ferret colleagues, we are able to release version 6.3 for the intel-based Macs; Leopard and Snow Leopard. (OSX-10.5 and OSX-10.6).

We have also have a Ferret version 6.4 executable for the PowerMac - OSX-4.

The powermac version does not include external functions (simply for lack of time to work on building them). This should not be a major drawback most functions developed as external functions are now linked into the Ferret executable.

Please try installing the appropriate Ferret executable by following the installation instructions in the pages below and running the Finstall script.
Ferret for intel mac, Leopard/Snow Leopard:

Ferret for powermac, Tiger:

-Ansley and the Ferret team

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