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Re: [ferret_users] about reserved Key

Hi All,
Sudheer is correct; in Ferret the reserved names can't be used as names for variables. If a dataset contains variables with such names then 'T' is the correct way to refer to them.

If you really want the name to be T in the resulting file, then one way to do that would to use a different name in the Ferret script, for instance  TEMP, save the variable to a netCDF file, and then outside of Ferret, use NCO operators to change the name in that file.


Sudheer Joseph wrote:
you can't use T as is reserved for time dimension


On 12/28/09, xhbhyq11 <xhbhyq11@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi :
   I want to define variable T(temperature).
  >let  'T'=air
    but has error!
  >let  T=air
    error too!
  How should I define T?
     Thanks in advance!





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