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[ferret_users] symbols shown as a legend

Dear ferreters,

        I am not a skilled ferret user and have a questions to ask you.

        If I want to make a scatter plot for several variables, we usually point out what the symbols stand for. For example,

       plot/vlim=-1:4:0.5/hlim=0:20:1/nolab/symbol=2 sst
        plot/vlim=-1:4:0.5/hlim=0:20:1/nolab/symbol=20 v

      We know that symbol =2 is X (cross), and symbol = 20 is hollow triangle. The problem is how we can denote X is for sst and the triangle is for v, something like legend?

      I am not sure if we can use the command like
      label/nouser `($ppl$xlen)*(0.03)`,`($ppl$ylen)*0.92`,0,0,0.12 "@CR X: sst"
       label/nouser `($ppl$xlen)*(0.03)`,`($ppl$ylen)*0.92`,0,0,0.12 "@CR ?: v"

      If it is OK, how can we represent the triangle and other symbols within "  "?




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