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[ferret_users] LSL_LOWPASS

Dear Users,
                                Can any one educate me on the use of the below function. What should be the unit of the t axis if I want to use this function. I tried to use 11 as the cut of period for a monthly time series. My intention was to remove all sub-annual signals but the resulted time series had reduced amplitude for annual cycle.
use "http://apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu:80/dods/public_data/satellite_product/TRMM/TRMM_TMI/trmm_monthly"
let box1=sst[x=60:70@ave,y=5:10@aveo,d=1]
go grd_T sst ! getting sst to regular monthly time axis( 30.42 days)
let box1_rg=box1[gt=t_eqm,d=1]
plot box1_rg

LSL_LOWPASS(box1_rg,11, 11)

with best regards


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