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Re: [ferret_users] intraseasonal time series

Hi Ansley,

I want to do the first but is giving a error:
 **ERROR: unknown command qualifier: CALENDAR

I am using
    FERRET v6.2 
     Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 05/19/09

2009/11/19 Ansley Manke <Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx>
Hi Izidine,
Do you want to keep the time resolution of the original data, so that you see all of the variations, but not show those straight the lines between the end of Feb and the start of Dec?  Or do you want to take an average over each DJF season, and plot a time series where each season is represented by one point?

To do the first, you could use the command
yes? PLOT temp[...
This would set the T axis so it is no longer a formatted time axis.  Your data will plot as a simple time series, but the labeling of the axis with months and years will no longer be in place; the horizontal axis will just be labeled with time coordinates number-of-days-since the time origin.

To make a time series with a single point for each year,  define a yearly time axis with the time coordinates centered in the middle of January, and regrid your data to that axis:
yes? DEFINE AXIS/T=16-jan-1981:16-jan-1999:1/units=year  tyear
yes? LET tempyr = temp[gt=tyear@ave]
yes? PLOT temp[d=2,x=30:42@ave,y=-27:-10@ave]
Try some of these things and see

Izidine Pinto wrote:

Dear ferret users

I have a daily data set with only one season (DJF) from 1981 to 1999. 
  1> ./Tmax.DJF.daily.1981_1999.echama2.nc
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
 TEMP     TEMPERATURE AT 1.5M              1:127     1:110     1:1       1:1680

I would like to plot a time series of the seasons but I don't know how to set up
the x-axis.

In attachment is a plot for better understanding of my problem
I use the command:
plot temp[d=2,x=30:42@ave,y=-27:-10@ave,l=1:270]

Thanks in advance
Izidine Pinto

Izidine Pinto
33.55 S 18.22 E

Izidine Pinto
33.55 S 18.22 E

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