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Re: [ferret_users] shade/modulo

Hi Patrick,
The /HLIM and /VLIM are a simpler syntax that duplicates the action of the PPLUS commands for axes, PPL XAXIS and PPL YAXIS. This means that they control the axes only, not the context of the variable.

As you say, you can put the context information for the variable into the variable as in temp[k=1,x=0:450] or in a SET REGION, or in /X= and /Y= qualifiers on the command.

I'll think about whether the /MODULO qualifier would make sense as an addition to the regular 2-D plot commands when the axis has been expanded with an /HLIM qualifier, and when the variable has a modulo axis.


Brockmann Patrick wrote:
Hi all,

Could it be possible to have the qualifier /modulo working not only
with shade command with 3 args but also with the 'classic' shade var2D

When I do
yes? use levitus_climatology
yes? shade/lev=20/hlim=0:450:30/vlim=-90:90:30 temp[k=1]
I get only a part of the map.

A work around is
yes? shade/lev=20/hlim=0:450:30/vlim=-90:90:30 temp[k=1,x=0:450]
but it would nice to have:
yes? shade/lev=20/hlim=0:450:30/vlim=-90:90:30/modulo temp[k=1]


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