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[ferret_users] shade/hlim with strange rendering

Hi all,

I have encountered a strange behaviour of the shade command.

When I use:
yes? shade/pal=default/vlim=-10:20/hlim=-90:90 var[i=@ave]
the shade command produces correctly a plot

but when I use
yes? shade/pal=default/vlim=-10:10/hlim=-90:90 var[i=@ave]
I get an incorrect rendering.

Note that the only difference is use of /vlim=-10:10 rather than /vlim=-10:20 If I resize the window, the bad rendering dissapears and the correct shade plot is displayed.

Strange enough to be mentionned, even if the workaround is just to resize the window.

Tested with ferret 6.3 on a linux 32 and x86_64
The script is available from:
and use the file:


PNG image

PNG image

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