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Re: [ferret_users] Shifting the pole

Hi Bijoy,
I guess it depends on how you want to do this. Do you have in mind some way to make the transformation? Ferret can handle visualizations of data on grids that are defined in terms of curvilinear coordinates, see

There are for instance tri-polar grids (e.g. http://climate.gmu.edu/poseidon/code/Tripole.html) that people use to put the pole over onto land masses.


Bijoy Thompson wrote:
Hi list,

I have the wind data (for instance, monthly_navy_winds.cdf) in lat-lon coordinates. For the Arctic Ocean modeling, we need to reset the north pole to a point on the land (say, 100E,60N). Is there a way to do this transformation and save the rotated data in ferret ?

Thanks in advance

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