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[ferret_users] /VLOG with contour

Hi all,

I can read from documentation at http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/users-guide/commands-reference/CONTOUR

==> read /HLOG /VLOG are present in this list
Does that means that it is now possible to draw a zonal mean
using a log vertical axis for example ?

For now, I do the label by myself using 2 frames one over the other.
First to plot with the vertical log axis without label, the second with log labels from a plot command
that has a /vlog qualifier.
Run the script attached to get a demo.
yes? go shade_log.jnl 10 1000

By the way, it would be nice to be able to define a viewport as a copy from
another viewport.
Something as:
define viewport/like=full full_bis


GIF image

! go shade_log.jnl 10 10000 

use levitus_climatology

let var=temp[i=@ave]

def sym vmin=($01%10%)
def sym vmax=($02%10000%)

! classic plot
set w 1
shade/nolab/vlim=($vmin):($vmax) var

! vertical log axis
set w 2
def viewport/xlim=0:1/ylim=0:1/text=1.0 FULL_BIS

define axis/from_data/z/depth/units="METERS"/edges myzlog=log(ZBOXLO[GZ=ZAXLEVITR])
let var_log=var[gz=myzlog@asn]

set v full
shade/nolab/axes=(1,1,0,0)/vlim=`log(($vmin))`:`log(($vmax))` var_log

set v full_bis
plot/nolab/vlog/vlim=($vmin):($vmax)/axes=(0,0,1,1)/nolab z[g=var_log]*0-1E34

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