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[ferret_users] Extracting average values over irregular gid points

Dear ferreters,


This may be a simple question but I find it difficult as I am still green with ferret usage...


I am able to use the following to subsample data of my interest in different time and space:


use  "/home/schand/Work/Data/4xDaily/U850Jan1997Apr2009.nc"

FILE/VAR="lat,lon,year,month,day,hh,mm,ss" points.dat

LET uwnd_at_loc = SAMPLEXY(UWND[d=1], lon[d=2], lat[d=2])

LET uwnd_at_loc_t = SAMPLET_DATE(uwnd_at_loc,year[d=2],month[d=2],day[d=2],hh[d=2],mm[d=2],ss[d=2])

LIST uwnd_at_loc_t


But I want to obtain a 5°x5° average centered over each specified lat/lon points in the file “points.dat”.


Any suggestion on how to do this will be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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