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Re: [ferret_users] Spatial correlations[EOF PC, field]

Hi again,

When using the monthly anomlies, the spatial correlations look fine.



Fabian Lienert wrote:
Hi Ferret crowd,

When I plot the spatial correlations between the leading principal component of an SST dataset (inferred from Ferret's EOF functions based on correlation matrix) and the SST dataset itself, the correlations in the domain of the EOF analysis are very low (see attached Figure). In the North Pacific they are supposed to explain 20% of the total variance. Shouldn't R-squared averaged over the domain be about 0.2? Therefore the correlation should be 0.45 on average in this domain.



use "SST_months.nc"
use "SST_months_ann_cycle_rem_np_eof_corr_tfunc.nc"
SET REGION/X=90e:80w/Y=20N:65N
let q = (eoftime[d=2,i=1]); let p = SST_DETRENDED[d=1]; go variance
fill correl


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