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Re: [ferret_users] Subsample in time

Hi Peng,
You can use formatted time strings, for instance,

set region/x=120W:160W/y=20S:20N/T="1-jan-2000":"15-mar-2001" The same syntax can be used anytime you have a time axis that's defined in terms of calendar dates. Your axis is in days, so the above formatting is adequate, but if necessary, then hours, minutes or seconds can be used. The above command could be written,

set region/x=120W:160W/y=20S:20N/T="1-jan-2000:00:00:00":"15-mar-2001:00:00:00"

Ge Peng wrote:

I have a weekly sst data set that I would like to subsample for a given
yr1-yr2 range without re-griding.  The description of time in the data is
given at the end of this message.

Is there a simple way to define a region for time like defining x or y
region, e.g.: set region/x=120W:160W/y=20S:20N?

If not, I would like to get help in determining day and month for the
first record in the dataset for yr1 and the last record for yr2.


--- Peng

        double time(time) ;
                time:units = "days since 1800-1-1 00:00:00" ;
                time:long_name = "Time" ;
                time:actual_range = 69395., 76514. ;
                time:delta_t = "0000-00-07 00:00:00" ;
                time:avg_period = "0000-00-07 00:00:00" ;
                time:standard_name = "time" ;
                time:axis = "t" ;
        double time_bnds(time, nbnds) ;
                time_bnds:long_name = "Time Boundaries" ;

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