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Re: [ferret_users] importing an ascii file

Hi Antonio,
Check the Users Guide Index

and look under:

missing value flag
   setting values

I think you'll see what to do.


Antonio Rodríguez wrote:
Hi Ansley and Evan,

Your solution is enough good for me, but I have missing values in my data coded as 65535, so how do I import the file taking into account this feature?

Best regards,


2009/10/29 Ansley Manke <Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx>
Hi -
Do your longitudes and latitudes represent a grid?  And if so are all the points of the grid listed in the data file? If so, use the latitude and longitude values to create your grid, which I think you've done in the commands you've shown. Then read it in following the examples you can find if you look in the Users Guide Index under "ascii data, reading, examples".  You want Example 5—2 variables, 2 dimensions, with one little change. There are 3 variables, but because you already know the longitude and latitude of the grid, I would suggest you just call them dum1, dum2 and then ignore them.
define axis/x=11w:1e:1/units=degree clorx
define axis/y=30n:47n:1/units=degree clory
define grid/x=clorx/y=clory clorgrid

file/var="dum1,dum2,chlor"/grid=clorgrid  jun1.dat

dum1 and dum2 are dummy values for the purposes of reading the data - you already know what the longitudes and latitudes are.  It looks as if your data is organized with x varying fastest, which is the Ferret default, so I think this should be it.


Antonio Rodríguez wrote:

I've tried to find a solution browsing the help archives, but I couldn't find one. My problem is that I have an ascii file with chlorophyll data in this format:

latitude longitude chlorophyll
  36.00   -11.00     0.126305
  36.00   -10.00     0.119080
  36.00    -9.00     0.102295
  36.00    -8.00     0.109347
  36.00    -7.00     0.130324
  36.00    -6.00     0.552572
  36.00    -5.00     0.597104
  36.00    -4.00     0.237877
  36.00    -3.00     0.231190
  36.00    -2.00     0.216570
  36.00    -1.00     0.205664
  36.00     0.00     0.180958

The data represent the concentration of chlorophyll for a particular day.
I've tried to define a new grid:

define axis/x=11w:1e:1/units=degree clorx
define axis/y=30n:47n:1/units=degree clory
define grid/x=clorx/y=clory clorgrid

then import the data

file/form=delim/type=numeric/grid=clorgrid  jun1.dat

but no way. Any help will be appreciated

Best regards,


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