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[ferret_users]weird regresst

Hello Users,
i found something very strange during trend-analysis: suppose a variable is a rare occurence, it exists only in the end of the period (it is integral or non-valid value. If i wanted to plot a trend analysis, it just connects the two dots to be a line (like in the attached pic). Is it just strange for me? Normally it should be ascendent through the time instead of descending.
Here is what i did:

plot/color=9/nolabel/sym=2 aa
let p=t[gt=aa,l=1:40]
let q=aa[l=1:40]
go regresst
plot/vs/line/ov/nolab/col=9 p, qhat

Writing this i just realized i should have zero instead of non-valid values and the script should be modified like this, so there wont be dots at every zero points and the line will be ascendent:

let q=missing(aa[l=1:40],0)

So, its just a helping thread for someone coming up against this :)


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