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Re: [ferret_users] R-square problem

Title: R-square problem
Hi Ana,
Yes, the values of rsquare should be between 0 and 1.   If you look at the result of

   yes? STAT rsquare

are the values really larger than 1?  I wonder if the automatically chosen color fill levels in the FILL command are making the color bar extend higher than 1 even though the values of the data field are not actually larger than 1.

Another possibility is that the accuracy of numeric calculations is putting values slightly larger than 1.  Here too the STAT command might tell us more.


Ana Redondo wrote:

I am doing a linear regression between two independent variables in order to find out the R-square. This is how I am doing it:
  yes? Let P=var_1
  yes? Let Q=var_2
  yes? Go regresst
  yes? show var
  yes? fill rsquare

But when filling the R-square (and I also list some values to test) I realized that some values are greater than 1!!!!!!!!  Isn’t it R-square the coefficient of determination? If so it should be 0<R^2<1, what I am doing wrong???



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