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RE: [ferret_users] Ferret v61 on AIX


Hi Ansley,
Thanks for your info.

Hi Ming,
We do not have any recent Ferret executables built on an aix platform; the most recent one that we have is Ferret version 5.41 available here:


The Ferret version 6 and higher are all build under linux operating systems and these executables will not run on AIX.


kangming wrote:
Hi All,
I'm trying to run fer_executables.v61.tar.Z on aix, the version of aix is 5.3. Following is the error messages: 
# /usr/local/ferret/bin/ferret
exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program /usr/local/ferret/bin/ferret because of the following errors:
        0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for ferretgui_c because:
        0509-136   Symbol poll (number 24) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-136   Symbol select (number 28) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-136   Symbol unload (number 33) is not e! xported
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