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Re: [ferret_users] Odd lines on postscript with fill command

Hi Ferret users,

About a month ago, we talked about odd white lines in PostScript
files produced by Ferret.  They are due to anti-alising of viewers.
Then, Billy and I wondered why we haven't seen the problem in PDF
files of journal papers:

| | I use files with those lines in journals all the time (indeed, every
| | time), and they do not print in the journal. I'm not sure why. Billy
| I think they generally convert the graphics into raster images
| (a.k.a. pixmaps and bitmpas) before including them into the PDF.

I recently had an email exchange with the production manager of
AMS journals.  It turned out that they switched to a new production
service provider (he called it a "compositor") about a year ago.
The old compositor rasterized all figures.  The new compositor
generally preserves vector graphics throughout the production process.
That was the reason why I saw the white lines for the first time
in the final PDF.

So, when we send AMS PostScript files that will show white lines
with anti-alising switched on, we might have to warn the
production people about the existence of the problem or convert
the graphics to high-resolution raster images.


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