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[ferret_users] Two questions regarding repeat command

Hello all,
I have two questions on the usage of repeat command.

1) I want to access 12 monthly HDF data files.
The following works fine for me for the first 01 to 09 files, and then 10
to 12 files.

repeat/range=1:5:1/name=m \ !months 1,2,3,4,5.

Can someone suggest me what additional info I should need to access all 12
files 01,02,..,09,10,11,12 using the repeat command?

2) Inside the loop I also generate the plots and want to save the figures
as "psotscript" files.

The following is working for me outside the loop, but within the loop
shows error.

Fprint -o "/DATA/month0`m`_combined_sst.ps" metafile.plt !to create ps file.

Can someone suggest me the correct usage?

Thanks in advance.

C. Shaji.

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