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Re: [ferret_users] Ferret6.3


| Error message:
| yes? fill/l=1 sst
| _X11TransSocketINETConnect: Can't get address for localhost

This seems to indicate that your host configuration isn't working
correctly.  If you are on a Unix or Linux machine, you might
want to try this:

1)  Is "localhost" defined?  Try "dig" or "nslookup".

  $ dig localhost


  $ nslookup localhost

Normally, localhost should point to IPaddress  .

2) Is the X server (and related stuff) working?
  First, examine your DISPLAY environmental variable:

  $ env | egrep DISPLAY

  Among the error messages you sent us, you saw this line

    Can't connect to X Server localhost:14.0

  That means your DISPLAY variable is set to "localhost:14.0".
  This value can be different each time you log in, and so
  you'd have to check before proceeding.

  Suppose your DISPLAY is set to "localhost:14.0"; then
  set it to

  $ export DISPLAY=

  if you use sh, ksh, or bash; or

  % setenv DISPLAY

  if you use csh or tcsh.  Then, run Ferret.

If (2) works and (1) doesn't, your networking (in particular hostname
resolution) isn't working correctly.  Do you have an entry for
localhost in /etc/hosts  ?


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