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Re: [ferret_users] Odd lines on postscript with fill command

Hi Billy,

| I use files with those lines in journals all the time (indeed, every
| time), and they do not print in the journal. I'm not sure why. Billy

I think they generally convert the graphics into raster images
(a.k.a. pixmaps and bitmpas) before including them into the PDF.
You can check whether a graphics is included as a vector graphics
or a raster image by magnifying it in your PDF viewer
to an extreme magnification level like 800%.  A raster image
would look grainy.

But, in my latest AMS paper, they included some of my Ferrret
PS files as vector graphics, resulting in white lines.  In an
extreme magnification level they look sharp and crisp (good!)
but have white lines (bad!).  Those lines go away
when I switch on the antialising option of my viewer.


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