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Re: [ferret_users] Odd lines on postscript with fill command

Hi Steve,

| Next, I tried Roman's suggestion and indeed unchecking the aliasing
| box in ggv does remove the lines.  However, I am sending these files
| to a journal office and they will probably still print out with those
| lines since the file itself was not changed, just the viewer.

I've sent journal offices PostScript files produced with Ferret
and indeed have once gotten white lines in the very final PDF!
I thought they knew better. . . .

| Note that I tried converting from plt to ps with Fprint and the same
| line feature is there.
| Any other suggestions?  

So, I suggest you

1) tell them the existence of potential problem; or
2) convert your graphics into high resolution pixmaps
  (See my other message I've just sent).

I'd be reluctant to use option (2) because I don't know
how high is high enough.  But, then, you could ask them
what resolution they want.


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