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Re: [ferret_users] Hycom opendap access faillure for latest times steps

Hi Paulo,
I tried your script, and I find that from one moment to the next, the server at hycom tells me first there is a variable called mixed_layer_thickness, and then the next time I run the script, there is instead a variable called MLD. This is using the url without the constraints (use "http://hycom.coaps.fsu.edu/thredds/dodsC/glb_analysis";).

If I take out all references to mixed_layer_thickness, then your script runs fine as is, with L=1975, L=1982, etc. I think you need to contact the owners of the server where the data is and find out what's happening with the mixed_layer_thickness variable.


Paulo B. Oliveira wrote:
I'm using the script below to locally save a subset of the hycom global
analysis. It works well for time steps at least till l=1793, but not for

Any ideas of what might be wrong / workarounds ?...


def sym lstep $1"1778"

def sym outf  hycom_glb_an_($lstep)


set reg/i=3430:3520/j=1930:2020/k=1:33/l=($lstep)

sp \rm ($outf).cdf
save/append/file=($outf).cdf temperature,salinity
save/append/file=($outf).cdf u,v

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