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Re: [ferret_users] Odd lines on postscript with fill command

I believe those lines show the edges of the blocks the contour calculation works in. (The algorithm dates from 1968, and does the work in small chunks to save memory). The boundaries are supposed to be zero thickness and invisible.

In my experience, this is a problem only with certain postscript/pdf viewers. I have seen it frequently in Mac Preview, but the same plot will look fine in Acrobat.

But if SHADE avoids the problem, a workaround could be to first SHADE, then FILL/OVER.

Billy K

On 18 Sep 09, at 12:11 AM, Stephen Guimond wrote:


I am seeing some unwanted, odd thin white lines on my postscript plot (attached pdf). I remember someone having similar issues before, but couldn't find it in the archives.

Some key lines of my ferret script (note that using shade removes the problem, but I want to use fill)...

set mode metafile:fig19.plt
fill/nolabs/hlimits=4:11:0.25/vlimits=50:600:50/pal=rnb2/levels= (20,100,10)/set mean
ppl ylab "Radius (km)"
ppl xfor (i2)
ppl axlint,4
ppl fill
label/nouser 4,-0.55,0,0,0.15 "Day (July 2005)"

let er2 = ((14*60 + 40)/(24*60)) + 9
plot/vs/overlay/nolab/line/thick=3/color=black {`er2`,`er2`},{50,600}

My shell script to convert...

#! /bin/tcsh
ferret -unmapped -script plot_inertial.jnl
set file = `echo *.plt | cut -d"." -f1 `
gksm2ps -p portrait -o $file.ps $file.plt

# script to increase line weights of Ferret output
sed 's_3.000000 lw_6.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps
sed 's_2.000000 lw_4.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps
sed 's_1.000000 lw_2.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps

convert $file.ps $file.pdf
rm -f *.ps *.plt

Note also, that sometimes fill works (for other plots). I am using FERRET v6.1 for Linux.

Thanks for ideas,

Stephen R. Guimond
Graduate Research Assistant
Florida State University
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)


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