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[ferret_users] Odd lines on postscript with fill command


I am seeing some unwanted, odd thin white lines on my postscript plot (attached pdf).  I remember someone having similar issues before, but couldn't find it in the archives.

Some key lines of my ferret script (note that using shade removes the problem, but I want to use fill)...

set mode metafile:fig19.plt
fill/nolabs/hlimits=4:11:0.25/vlimits=50:600:50/pal=rnb2/levels=(20,100,10)/set mean
ppl ylab "Radius (km)"
ppl xfor (i2)
ppl axlint,4
ppl fill
label/nouser 4,-0.55,0,0,0.15 "Day (July 2005)"

let er2 = ((14*60 + 40)/(24*60)) + 9
plot/vs/overlay/nolab/line/thick=3/color=black {`er2`,`er2`},{50,600}

My shell script to convert...

#! /bin/tcsh
ferret -unmapped -script plot_inertial.jnl
set file = `echo *.plt | cut -d"." -f1 `
gksm2ps -p portrait -o $file.ps $file.plt

# script to increase line weights of Ferret output
sed 's_3.000000 lw_6.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps
sed 's_2.000000 lw_4.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps
sed 's_1.000000 lw_2.000000 lw_g' < $file.ps >! foo; \mv foo $file.ps

convert $file.ps $file.pdf
rm -f *.ps *.plt

Note also, that sometimes fill works (for other plots).  I am using FERRET v6.1 for Linux.

Thanks for ideas,

Stephen R. Guimond
Graduate Research Assistant
Florida State University
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)

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