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Re: [ferret_users] problems with axis at an ascii file

Hi Otacilio,
The /ORDER= qualifier does not work with delimited-data reads, but you should be able to read this with the standard ASCII read
define axis/x= 
define axis/y=

define grid/x= /y= xygrid

file/skip=1/var="v1,v2,v3,correcao19AMJ"/order=yx/grid=xygrid correcao19a/AMJ/pearson.txt

Another option would be to read in the data on an XY grid which has its X axis the same length as the latitude axis in the data and the Y axis the length of the longitude axis, then use the function TRANSPOSE_XY to transpose it to the correct dimensions. Then you would need to define longitude and latitude axes and use a regridding with the @ASN regridding transformation to put it onto the correct grid.


Otacilio Leandro wrote:
Dear Ferreters,

I've got this problems when im trying to shade an ascii file with pearson metrics.

I have defined the grip like:

file/g=grid/form=delimited/delimiter="\t"/var="-,-,-,correcao19AMJ" "correcao19a/AMJ/pearson.txt"

and tried to change the order with order=YX but it not seem to work.

Here there's a sample of the data that im using:

Station    Latitude    Longitude    1
0001    -18.6000000000    -48.9000000000    8.764365999265E-02
0002    -18.2000000000    -48.9000000000    7.494317048262E-02
0003    -17.8000000000    -48.9000000000    0.111056440225
0004    -17.5000000000    -48.9000000000    0.233641979765
0005    -17.1000000000    -48.9000000000    0.257300215423
0006    -16.8000000000    -48.9000000000    0.257938348632
0007    -16.4000000000    -48.9000000000    0.271898847196
0008    -16.0000000000    -48.9000000000    0.235259064482
0009    -15.7000000000    -48.9000000000    0.177398015367
0010    -15.3000000000    -48.9000000000    0.140875116682

Thanks for the help

Ms. Otacilio Leandro de Menezes Neto
Grupo de Modelagem Atmosférica
Departamento de Meteorologia e Oceanografia
Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hídricos
Av. Rui Barbosa 1246 - CEP 60115-221
Fortaleza, Ceará
Fone: (85) 3101-1106 / 3101-1126

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