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Re: [ferret_users] Internal: unexpected modulo jump!

Hi Peng,
This is a warning message is in the code indicating that you are applying a modulo operation to some variable whose definition also involves Pseudo-variables, such as L or T, the indices or coordinates of a time axis. The calculation should be correct, but there may be some ambiguity in your definitions: if a variable's definition uses L or T, then should L wrap around after L=12, as if it refers to the climatological axis, or should L be treated as in the original time axis, say L in the range 1:120 if your original data were on a 10-year monthly axis.

You might see where this is happening in your script if you LOAD each variable as you define it. This will have Ferret get the underlying data and apply the expressions in the variable's definitions so that you'll see which expression might be causing it.

set dat climatological_axes; cancel data climatological_axes
let var = var_mod[d=1]; load var
let var_mon = var[gt=month_irreg@mod]; load var
let var_p=var-var_mon[gt=var]; load var


Ge Peng wrote:

I am using a ferret script to remove the seasonal cycles of a variable
with the following method:

set dat climatological_axes
let var = var_mod[d=1]
let var_mon = var[gt=month_irreg@mod]
let var_p=var-var_mon[gt=var]

for several dataset first, and then using the resultant anomalies to
compute variance, to plot the results, and to save the results to a nc

Both figure and output nc file appear to be fine, however, I am getting
the following message a number of times while running the script:

*** NOTE: Internal: unexpected modulo jump!

Does anyone know what does it mean? Is it anything I could do to eliminate
this message?


--- Peng

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