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[ferret_users] weird contour

Hi Ferret Users
   I've been having some problems with ferret recently.

The example below demonstrates the problem. I can give more examples if you wish. But this problem affects ALL of my FERRET plots for the methane-hydrate model spongebob, where I plot data from a netcdf file.

 let xb=x[x=0:290:10]
 let zb=I[x=0:290:10]*J[y=0:290:10]
 contour/hlimits=-100:400:50 xb+zb,xb,zb

The problem seems to be when I use an irregular zb grid, sometimes when I do contour or fill, the plot has really weird and large jumps in the x direction of the contours. We're using ferret 6.2.

Do you have any insights? I have attached a screenshot if you don't see the problem when you run these commands yourself. If you don't see it on your end, you might try changing the commands slightly to see if you can see similar problems. But this has been reproduced by other ferret 6.2 users.

Department of the Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago

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